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"I AM SO EXCITED! Boots on Dust Records is releasing The best of Independent Country Music EP on Feb 20th and I am very proud and honored that me, Ryan Wolfe, Dustin Crank, David Rose and Travis Nichols are a part of it! Thanks for everyone's continued support"..... XOXO

She released her debut album titled "STRONGER" April 2010 in Los Angeles California.
"Who would have thought a gift of singing Karaoke songs for fun would have turned into making an album of my own. What a journey it has been! All of the songs on this album are about things I can relate to. From getting my kids up and ready for school to singing about the love of my life, I have put my heart and soul into writing these songs. Never in my wildest
dreams would I have thought I could do anything like this!"
Kelly was raised in Ohio and has always dreamed of being a Country Music singer. She is thankful for her family, friends and her talent as a singer/songwriter.
"I want to thank everyone that was involved, especially God for giving me strength. 
To my husband Jeremy, and our kids-- Cody, Gunner, Hailey and Brookelyn-- THANK YOU for standing by me through the stressful times. Trying to juggle life and my dream was hard on us all but thanks to you guys, we've made it through! You are my confidence and everything I needed to make this happen.I am so glad we took this journey together.
And for the rest of my family and friends, thank you for believing in me to do something I never thought I could do. Your support and love gave me the confidence to make this album."

Thank you all. Lots of Love --- Kelly--- XOXO

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This Preble County, Ohio gal rocks the Pop-Country scene!  She was born and raised in Eaton, Ohio and at the age of 17, Crank moved to the small town of Camden, Ohio. Crank has been singing and writing all her life. Since 2010 she has expanded her band to 5 members.

Kelly's modern country sound allows her to be able to share the stage with a broad group of artists from David Allan Coe to Bret Michaels and anyone in between. She loves to write her own music to tell her story as well as sing covers. She has played at events such as The Preble County Fair and The Ohio State Fair. Give Kelly and her band a warm welcome into your town!

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